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Boylan Chiropractic and Dr. Donna Boylan has been coaching thousands of people on obtaining and maintaining "Wellness." Family care, pediatrics, stress management, as well as overall wellness, are the staff's specialty.

Upon first meeting a new patient, Dr. Donna Boylan provides a thorough consultation and examination, including ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological testing, postural exam and chiropractic exam. X-ray facilities are on site should x-rays be necessary. In addition, a physiotherapy suite is on site.

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Health Is...

Dorlands: A state of optimal physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

To achieve health, every cell, tissue, and organ of your body must be functioning 100% all of the time.

Gray's Anatomy: The purpose of the brain and nerve system is to control and coordinate the function of all the cells, tissues, and organs in the body, and to adapt the organism to its environment.

Make health last. What will your last 10 years look like?


"Health is our natural state"
"All disease results from the disruption
of the flow of intelligence"
Deepak Chopra, MD

"A Universal Intelligence is present in all matter and continually
gives to it all its properties and actions,
thus maintaining it in existence."
DD Palmer, DC
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
Thomas A. Edison
"Travelers will cross many rivers and climb many mountains.
Plainsmen may always live within a single valley.
But only those seeking truth will ever reach the summit."
11th Century Indian

Health Articles

Prescription Drug Abuse is on the Rise
Prescription Drug Abuse is on the Rise
In the US in 2008, 14,800 people died from prescription drug overdoses which are more than the combined total for drug overdose deaths due to heroin and cocaine according to the CDC. The death rate from prescription drug overdose has tripled since 1990, with 75 percent of the deaths attributed to painkiller . . .
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Infant with Difficulty Breastfeeding Helped with Chiropractic
Infant with Difficulty Breastfeeding Helped with Chiropractic
A case study research paper was published in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics documenting the improvement with chiropractic care of a seven-week-old infant with difficulty breastfeeding. . . .
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Twins Breech Presentation Resolved with Chiropractic Care
Twins Breech Presentation Resolved with Chiropractic Care
From the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, December 27, 2012 issue comes a case study of a set of twins who were in a breech presentation prior to birth but were turned after the application of chiropractic. . . .
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Study Shows Chiropractic Can Help Depression and Anxiety
Study Shows Chiropractic Can Help Depression and Anxiety
A case study published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research on June 20, 2013, reports on the results of a case series showing chiropractic helping patients with depression and anxiety. This case series was looking for follow up on previous surveys showing that chiropractic patients . . .
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