I first met Dr. Donna Boylan in November of 2010 due to excruciating upper neck pain.  I was suffering every day at work when I would just sit at my normal desk and try to answer the phone.  It became so painful that I couldn't keep the phone receiver rested against my upper shoulder and ear.  I had to answer every call on speaker phone because that's how painful it had become!

Dr. Boylan performed a complete physical exam with x-rays and brought to my attention that I had subluxations of the upper neck in discs 3, 4 and 5.  In simple terms, I was a complete wreck and was in need of some serious treatment ASAP.

It was explained to me by Dr. Boylan that this will take some time to heal and get better but I must follow her prescribed treatments and therapy.  In doing so I started a 2 to 3 times a week visit and in a course of about 5 to 6 months I started to regain more movement and a better degree of motion within my neck.  This is what's known as receiving "Good Shift"! LOL...

I can't say that I am 110% better due to my type of injury but Dr. Boylan has most certainly made some drastic improvements for me!

There are no words that can express my true gratitude to Dr. Boylan and her staff.  Dr. Boylan is a one of a kind and I am glad that our paths have crossed.

Thank you so very much Dr. Boylan!

Michael C.

P.S. With your help I have made a recovery back to my musical enjoyment of drumming.



She tells me I had a dooosy of a subluxation.  A subluxation causes interuption of nerve flow to the greater body and sometimes there is pain, sometimes not.  In my case, yes there was pain and yes, I did wait a couple of days with the pain before finally coming in.  I had tried hot and cold packs.  A hot bath.  Nothing seemed to help.

What caused it?  No way to tell.  But over the course of a couple days it became clear that I had to do something about it.  I could not move my neck.  There was a sharp burning pain which caused me to lean my head forward.  Not good.  The weight of my head in a forward position was not good for my spine, furthering discomfort.

So after an examination by her relief doctor I came in the next day for another evaluation and adjustment.  The way she jumped around the office I just had to ask, in a exasperated voice, “Where did you go on vacation!”

She did not flinch and we went to work.  Today, over a decade later, Dr. B is my doc of choice because she knows how to find it and fix it!  If she tells you to get on the table and to turn to your other left, just do it.  You’ll be skipping lighter and whistling louder.


Carrie R.

Practice Member since 1997